Mode of transport: what are the options?
The products are delivered to the address that you enter into the order form.

Delivery times: when will the products arrive?
The applicable delivery times are those indicated when you validate your order.
However, please note that any order settled by cheque will only be handled when the payment is received. The delivery times must be recalculated from the date that this type of payment is effectively cashed.
The ANNE BENOIT CREATION company cannot be held responsible for any delivery delays. For information, please find here the habitual delivery times provided by the La Poste company: France: D+2. Elsewhere in Europe and the Maghreb: D+3 to D+ 7. Elsewhere in the world: D+5 to D+9.

Delivery delay: what to do?
In case of a delivery delay on the part of the La Poste company after the eight business days following the shipping date indicated in the "follow-up - notification of shipping" message, we suggest that you verify with your post office to see whether the parcel is being held there. If so, we invite you to contact our Customer Service by telephone or email to inform us of the delay (see Art.1.1).
We will then contact La Poste in order to open an investigation. 
This La Poste investigation may last up to 21 business days beginning on the date it is opened. If the parcel is found during this period, it will be forwarded to your home address as quickly as possible. If, however, the parcel is still not found following these 21 business days, La Poste will have to consider the parcel as lost. 
Once the investigation is finished, and after confirmation of the loss of the parcel by the La Poste company, we will send you a replacement order (complimentary postage). If the product(s) ordered is/are no longer available, you may obtain the reimbursement of the products specified in the carrier-confirmed declaration of the loss.