IMIZA is, first and foremost, a woman's encounter with a small hamlet perched between the sea and the mountains of Cap Corse.
The brand was born in this "dream hamlet", named Imiza.
In discovering this sun-drenched place redolent of the fragrance of the immortelle flower so characteristic of the scrubland, Anne Benoît, the creator, felt the full emotion of the authenticity and beauty of Corsica. This chance encounter marked the departure point for her creative inspiration.

A graduate of I.S.I.P.C.A (Institut Supérieur International du Parfum de la Cosmétique et de l’Aromatique alimentaire) having worked for the greatest names in the cosmetics industry, Anne Benoît brought her dream to life through her own company.
Her approach is to combine product effectiveness with original fragrances, sensuous textures and elegant, understated packaging.
Her intuitive artistic soul – balanced by a mind for the science of plants and a fine sense of proportion – simply wishes to bring you into her world.


A door opens onto a world of well-being and fragrances.
This is simply a love story with the natural environment of Corsica, inspired by its beauty, scents, colours and wild landscapes.
These products have gained the trust of a wide circle of enthusiasts who know that "beauty", as Plato said, is above all "the splendour of truth".

Effective, glamorous cosmetics

IMIZA invites you to discover high-quality cosmetics combining technical effectiveness with voluptuous textures, unique fragrances and elegant packaging.

Perfumes filled with character for free spirits

Each of our eaux de parfum tells a true or fanciful story.
A heartbeat altered by love.
A story that wishes to live on as a beautiful souvenir, on other skin, in other countries, like an infinite voyage; to cherish a memory, share it and create new emotions, much like an IMMORTELLE flower.

Appreciating the essential

IMIZA invites you to get back to sources, with a limited range of delightful, high-quality, multi-purpose products.
The fragrance inspiration for these eaux de parfum is related to this Corsican natural environment, which offers each day a new horizon like a wash of character and liberty; and to its poetry, which accompanies each story expressed in a perfume.

Made in France from Corsican raw materials

The brand's crowning glory is Corsican immortelle essential oil, which is present throughout the range.
But that's not all...
In its cosmetics, the IMIZA brand specifically features three Corsican raw materials: immortelle essential oil, virgin hazelnut oil and AOC olive oil. The brand is also committed to producing its products in France, giving precedence to short distribution channels and small-scale Corsican producers.


The active ingredients are sought out among the rarest plants of Corsica.
The products are formulated without paraben or phenoxyethanol.
The textures are light and smooth, effective and innovative; and the fragrances are inspired by Corsica and the Mediterranean.
User safety is validated by a number of tests.
Each product is a creation in and of itself. The time required for its research and development is barely affected by the breathless pace of the contemporary world that often takes us far from the essential: the joy of creation, the desire to surpass oneself, and the care taken to perfect every detail of one's work.